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By Felix Bronner (ed.), Arnosl Kleinzeller (ed.)

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1963), who showed the existence of pools of nonmetabolized acids, not readily labeled from acetateJ4C, in vacuolate segments of maize roots. Later work by Lips and Beevers (1966a,b) extended these observations, showing that the malate pool labeled from a ~ e t a t e - ~ H was metabolized readily, whereas labeled malate produced by the fixation of bicarbonate-14C was remote from respiratory activity. 5, was reduced by malonate but increased by DNP) . Malate taken up from the outside solution went to the same pool as that fixed in the tissue, and not to that labeled by exogenous a ~ e t a t e - ~ H Lips .

5-3 a t the site. Since both H+ and C1- seem to be lower in the cytoplasm than in the vacuole this estimate could be reduced somewhat, provided a subsequent transport process from cytoplasm to vacuole were additionally postulated. There remain, however, difficulties about the diffusion paths to and from the site of transport, to allow H+ but not HC1 to move outward, and C1- to move inward to the same site. The second hypothesis was put forward by Smith (1970) and is a development of older concepts of salt uptake as a double ion exchange process, of K+ for H+ and C1- for OH-.

A. Model Behavior. The simplest model is that of a uniformly labeled cytoplasmic phase in series with a much larger vacuolar compartment; in this instance the specific activity in the cytoplasm, and hence the rate of tracer flux to the vacuole, will rise as (1 - ec-kt),with the rate constant k equal to the ratio of the sum of the fluxes out of the cytoplasm to the cytoplasmic content. After short times of uptake, the fraction of the total cell tracer which is in the cytoplasm will be given by (1 - e - k t ) / k t .

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