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By Jo Clayton

Imprisoned through a spell for hundreds of years, Serroi breaks loose and unearths a role in her unusual new world--to convey a newly created gadget to the chief of city-state. unique.

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Just sitting there watching. ” “You knew what he did. ” “Knowing and seeing ... ” His mouth worked and he was green under the tan. “It’s different” “Prak, he irritates the zhag out me sometimes, but he’s not a cruel man. ” “What’s so wrong with that? Marnhidda Vos is a good ruler. Our dungeons aren’t full, teachers can say what they need to in the schools, we don’t have beg-gars in the streets. These bombs, the raids, they HAVE to come from outside. I don’t care what you say about the Families, the Marn handles them, pets them when she has to and lays the whip on their sides when she has to.

Serroi tugged her sodden skirt away from her legs and followed Heslin into the room. He stepped in front of the guards. “Towels,” he said. “Bring them. ” They looked at each other. “We s’posed to stay here,” the shorter man said. He tugged at one of his rattail mustaches, his little black eyes sliding uneasily around. Camnor moved closer to loom over him; his voice deepened. “Do you think we’re going to attack this place? This great army of us? If you don’t have towels around, bring us some spare blankets, before we freeze to death.

You! You there! ” The nachod came striding toward them, the six men behind him spreading into two wings and trotting to surround the companions and the shivering porter loaded to the tottering point with Camnor’s gear. “Papers,” he said brusquely, his hand out. Serroi pushed the wet hair out of her eyes and smiled as she watched Camnor Heslin pull importance over himself like a cloak, looming over the smaller man like a cliff about to fall on him. His deep voice rolled out. “I am Vorbescar of the Grand Council of the Mijloc on detached service with diplomatic privilege and I have no intention of stand-ing in the middle of a downpour getting myself and my credentials soaked.

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