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I thought of Ken gulping down coffee an hour or so before, not bothering with eggs, or the jukebox. I could still feel his breath on my face when he whispered, “Be back to get you in a bit,” before he made his way into a misty dawn. I wondered if he’d eaten someplace else. Maybe he was nervous about our date and food was the last thing on his mind. My heart pattered each time I heard an engine roar. A couple of guys zoomed by; honking, whistling. I didn’t respond. There was only one guy on my mind.

You sense dark things here. ” “It’s alright, girl. I’ll shut my mouth. Moon is full tonight. ” She stops stirring, sprinkles more salt into the pot and then makes her way to the refrigerator. “The dark things are restless. I do my best to bind them. Poor Mr. ” “I don’t understand. Tell me more about this house. ” “It’s different for everyone who comes here. You got to figure it out. Goodnight, Meg. I’ll wash the dish and silverware. ” She turns her back on me again. She’s humming. I sense she’s not about to tell me anything else.

He leans over and whispers something to Linda Sinelli who is sitting at the next table with Lacey Wright. Linda giggles and her face flushes. She’s fourteen. She’s eight months pregnant. Her Dad promised her a new puppy once the baby is born and then given up for adoption. Both girls watch Mr. Greely drag his plastic bag out of the dining room and over the threshold to the kitchen. He rounds the corner. I decide to join Linda and Lacey. I want to know what they’re talking about. I pick up my tray.

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