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By Spider Robinson

Wireheads are the recent junkies, with electrical energy their drug of selection. as soon as the socket is surgically connected to the cranium, a gentle present regularly stimulates the excitement facilities, generating ectasy past degree - and if wirehead is left plugged in and unattended, she or he will starve to dying whereas experiencing indescribable pleasure. that's what could have occurred to Karen if a hugely moral burglar named Joe hadn't damaged into her house, pulled her plug, and talked her out of committing suicide via ectasy. Now, Karen is set to carry down those that promote the apparatus that makes wireheading attainable, yet as she and Joe try to hint the resource of the wirehead expertise, they preserve turning up symptoms of a shadowy worldwide conspiracy -not to manage the area, yet to avoid someone fromn knowing that the masters of brain regulate were controlling us fascinated with a while now...

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She was unreasonably heavy, and I say that having carried drunks and corpses. There was a hall off the living room, and all halls lead to a bathroom. I headed that way in a clumsy staggering trot, and just as I reached the deeper darkness, with my pulse at its maximum, my nose woke up and began screaming. I nearly dropped her then and clapped my hands to my face; the temptation was overwhelming. Instead I whimpered like a dog and kept going. Childhood feeling: runny nose you can't wipe. At each door I came to, I teetered on one leg and kicked it open, and the third one gave the right small-room, acoustic-tile echo.

I passed the time vacuuming and dusting and snooping, learning nothing more of significance. The phone rang. She had no answering program in circuit, of course. I energized the screen. It was a young man in a business tunic, wearing the doggedly amiable look of the stranger who wants you to accept the call anyway. After some thought I did accept, audio-only, and let him speak first. He wanted to sell us a marvelous building lot in Forest Acres, South Dakota. I was making up a shopping list about fifteen minutes later when I heard her moan.

They're away for the moment, at Lois's place in the Valley. G. Hospital up the street from here. " He smiled. " she amended patiently. "Well, over a period of several months, but she took her TV six months ago, I've always sort of considered that conclusive. After that she came by about twice a week for a while, to pick up something or other or share some new insight, and since then she seems to find some reason to drop by on the average of every other week. Her appearances are always unannounced and usually inconvenient for me, and I always let her in.

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