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By American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Extra than ninety percentage of puppy vendors examine their pets to be participants in their relatives. yet frequently, regardless of our greatest intentions, we're letting our canines down by way of now not giving them the guidance and direction they need. Unwanted habit is the number-one cause canine are relinquished to shelters and rescue groups.

The key to training dogs successfully is first to understand why our canine do what they do. And nobody can handle this extra authoritatively than the diplomates of the yank collage of Veterinary habit, whose paintings, the end result of years of rigorous education, takes them deep into the minds of dogs with a view to decode how they suspect, how they impart, and the way they learn.

In Decoding Your Dog, those specialists research challenge behaviors, decipher the most recent reports, and proper universal misconceptions and outdated theories. The ebook includes:

• potent, veterinary-approved optimistic education methods
• professional suggestion on socialization, housetraining, nutrition, and exercise
• treatments for behavior problems equivalent to OCD and aggression

With Decoding Your Dog the experts’ specialists carry essential puppy habit advisor that finally problem the best way we expect approximately our canine.

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